The Shipleys of Maryland
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Shipley Resources (Public)
This section provides public information covering a wide variety of Shipley family and organization topics, including:
  • Adam Shipley- Provides a list of Adam Shipley information available to Members.
  • Genealogy & Books- Includes a downloadable form you can use to update your family information; descriptions of the various genealogy books we have published; description of our on-line database available to members, and selected genealogical research provided by our members.
  • Shipley Room- Information about the Dorothy Shipley Granger Collection held by the Historical Society of Carroll County (HSCC).  Please note that the public information located here represents only a small portion of the information available in our embers.
  • Biographies & Family Stories- Interesting Shipleys
  • Cemeteries- Information about the restoration of Adam's Garden cemetery.
  • Shipley Properties- Descrption of our Homestead Plates and information about significant Shipley properties.
  • Shipley Organization Archives- Minutes of our first meeting (Oct 4, 1925); our first Newsletter (1960); information about various archives.  Please note that the public information located here represents only a small portion of the information available in our embers.
  • DNA Project- Details of the Shipley DNA project and how to participate.
  • Facebook- Information about The Shipleys of Maryland Facebook and how to join.
 Please note that a significant amount of additional non-public information is available to members of The Shipleys of Maryland, and can be accessed at the "Member Resources" page. 
Our Access Policy- Please understand that some information is only accessible to members of The Shipleys of Maryland, and not to the public at large. Two considerations guide our accessibility approach; first, much of our information represents the culmination of almost a century of work by members of the clan. The underlying past and our ongoing research have taken much time, effort and money. This information is central to our mission and the family’s most valuable asset. Second, we are cognizant of the risk of identity theft and other misuse of our data, and limiting access helps counteract this risk.